Upload a mod manually (ARK)

Prepare uploading by connecting to your game server via FTP.

Download Mod on your computer

  1. On your local ARK, download the mods you want via Steam Workshop.
  2. Open ARK and click "HOST / LOCAL". Wait for ARK to download the mod.
  3. When done close ARK

Locate the mod files

  1. Right click ARK in Steam
  2. Click Properties
  3. Click Local Files
  4. Click Browser Local Files 
  5. Navigate to "\ShooterGame\Content\Mods".

Uploading via FTP

  1. Look for a folder named after the MOD ID.
  2. Drag the folder to your FTP window, into the Mod folder.
  3. Look for a file named like: {modid}.mod
  4. Upload file to the Mod folder in FTP