RCON trouble with Deliveries

In some cases the RCON command may not be working. This usually is related to either using a command incorrectly or in the case where you are trying to send it to a user, using the wrong user id.

Follow all steps!
Make sure you tested all steps (at least 2). 

Suitable for RCON?
It is crucial to make sure the command you're trying to use is suitable for RCON delivery. Certain commands can only be used in-game.

Test one command
Use the same command for all tests below. If you want to test multiple commands, repeat all steps for each command.

Here are a couple things you can try to resolve the RCON command issue:

1. Try it in-game

If you are using a command in-game you usually have to authenticate as the admin. You usually do this by opening the in-game console and logging in with your admin password. 

  1. Open Console
  2. Login as admin (use Google if you don't know how to do this)
  3. Enter the Rcon command

Is it working now?

  • Yes: Then go to the next step!
  • No: The command you are using may not work at all or you are using the wrong settings. Use Google for the right command info.

2. Try via RCON command in GSA top navigation

Once you confirmed the command works in-game, go ahead and test it with the GSA RCON executor. 

Please note that the RCON command tool from the top navigation does not replace variables. Please use the same ID as you used in the previous step.

  1. Login on your GameServerApp dashboard
  2. Click on "RCON" in the top nav to open the Rcon command window
  3. Enter the Rcon command
  4. Select the server you are on
  5. Hit "Execute RCON Command"

Is it working now?

  • Yes: Then go to the next step!
  • No: The command you are using may not work via RCON. Make sure this command is supported for RCON use for your game.

3. Use the right ID

The command works in-game and via Rcon, yeey! Now you must make sure that you are using the right user ID. This is the case when you are trying to send stuff to a user.

  1. On your GameServerApp dashboard go to a Shop pack
  2. Next to "RCON command" hit the a button "Variable list"
  3. Use either {steamid} or {gameid} for testing.

Is it working now?

  • Yes: Then go to the next step!
  • No: There may be an issue with your Rcon command. Try reaching out on Discord.