Dino Paint Brush

NOTE! To use the Dino Paint Brush you need the GSA Integration mod installed.


This brush is single use and can only be used to color one dino. Optionally you can use the RCON command to give multiple brushes to a user with a single command. This is a great option to make dino color services fully automated without you having to do anything.

How does it work

  1. Equip the brush and hit the dino you want to color
  2. You can select the colors using a nice GUI (a window that shows color options)
  3. You can check out all the colors without applying.
  4. When you are happy with your design, simply click "Apply colors" and it's done.

Preventing abuse

When activating the brush by hitting your dino, you:

  • have a certain amount of time (more than enough). If you take too long, the brush is destroyed.
  • can move around, but if you go too far out the brush is destroyed.

For both there are clear alerts and a countdown, to indicate what is going on.

Spawn command

The command: scriptcommand gsadinocoloring {quantity} {steamid}
Please add cheat in front of the command if you use it in-game.