Valheim is a new game and as with all new things, there are usually a few bugs or rough edges. Please take this into consideration when hosting a Valheim server.
If you come across any in-game problems or server crashes, please report to the game developers.

Known problems with Valheim

  1. Valheim requires at least 2 CPU's on Linux.
    Basic 1 CPU plan for Linux can not run Valheim. Please use Windows or use a 2 CPU plan.
  2. When adding steam ID's to the whitelist, it automatically bans anyone not on the whitelist.
    There is no on/off switch. Simply remove all steam ID's from the whitelist if you don't want it active.
  3. When hosting via DediConnect, make sure to update your port forwards and/or (DDoS) firewall rules.

Connecting to the game server

As with many new games, Valheim can sometimes have difficulties finding the game server or connecting with it.
By far the most consistent method to connect, via: Join game -> Join IP -> enter IP:GAME_PORT.