Deploy config template via Beacon

This guide assume you already connected Beacon with your GSA dashboard.

You are ready to deploy the config template you created in Beacon app to your servers. Follow the steps below to do so.

1. Select the config template you want to deploy

2. (Optional) Ignore alert

3. Beacon is deploying

Beacon will now deploy the files to your GSA Config template.

Extra information / FAQ

The terminology between GSA and Beacon can sometimes be a bit confusing. This is mainly caused by both platforms using the term "server", where both refer to different "things" when it comes to the term "server". When you deploy your config changes to a "server" using Beacon, you're in fact deploying these changes to a GSA "config template".

After deploying via beacon, GSA will do the rest of the magic to ensure your config changes end up on the right game server.
All you need to do is make sure the right config template is active on your game server (at GSA) and restarting the game server to apply the new config changes.