Tokens are a digital form of coins (not money), that are given to players for their donations. You can also give tokens to players direct.
By using tokens, you can let your donors choose something from your shop. This makes donating more interesting for the players, as they get something in return!

Tokens are bought via PayPal and are automatically send to the player. All that is needed is for you to setup your PayPal account and promote your webshop.

Manage Token packs

You can create / edit token packs and see all token transactions via your Token Packs page.

Create a token pack

First set a name. We recommend names like 'Donate X' or 'Contribute X'.
Next set the amount of tokens you want your customer to receive, when they purchase this pack.
Then set the price, in Euro's or Dollars. These are currently the only supported currencies.

Finally check 'Show this pack on the website' for it to show up on the website, or leave it unchecked to make it hidden and save!

Tokens overview page on Community website

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